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Alaska Float Trip Report – Moraine Creek

12 Feb

Alaska Report Written by: Darrell Boyle Where : Moraine River and Funnel Creek, Katmai National Park and Preserve, Alaska. Who : Willie’s Salinas fishing buddies, including Sam Eastman, Dick Stewart, Bill Barbee, Peter Hoss, Dennis Harper, Peter Mirrasou, and of course Willie Reeves and yours truly Darrell Boyle Outfitter : Ed Blank. Adventures On The […]

Patagonia’s Sauce Worm Hatch

07 Feb

Patagonia’s Sauce Worm “Hatch” Written by Esteban Ecthepare As most fly-fishermen are aware, trout feed and behave differently as we move from one river or another. Also, hatches and food sources change from river to river. But, what happens when we move to different continents and even opposite Hemispheres?? Well, the answer is , LOTS […]

Bonefishing 101

02 Feb

What I didn’t write about was the four big fish earlier in the week that didn’t end up on the end of my line. The one that spooked as soon as I raised my rod, the huge one I didn’t see until I almost stepped on it, the one that spooked when I landed the […]

Alaska Egg Fishing

31 Dec

Egg fishing is almost as exciting to me as dry fly fishing. Before you say that I am nuts and you’ll never go on a trip with me again, hear me out! I have fished in Alaska for years å I have become a fairly accomplished egg drifter. The part that makes it exciting is […]

How to get a Florida Tarpon to eat

12 Nov

Ever spring, tarpon travel from Texas, Louisiana, South Carolina, Georgia, both coasts of Florida, Cuba, the Bahamas to meet in the Florida Keys to spawn. At least that’s what we think. No one has ever actually witnessed the spawning but some typical pre-spwan rituals have been recorded. During April May and June the Keys have […]

Costa Rica Tarpon On the Brain

12 Nov

The early morning was made even more beautiful as the sun tried to burn away the mist hanging over the river. The Howler monkeys were doing their best to make sure I knew I was in the jungle with their larger than life calls. I was in Costa Rica trying to catch a tarpon. Today […]

Tarpon Leaders for Belize

29 Aug

Just got back from El Pescador in Belize and some great tarpon fishing. Most of the guides here prefer HEAVY leaders – if left to their own they would just spool out 10 feet of straight 80 pound Fluorocarbon and call it done – I am not so comfortable with that since my backing is […]