Mikael Eriksson


Growing up in Sweden, fishing and fly-fishing has been a constant in my life as my father and older brother have taken me fishing ever since I can remember. Since they are really in to the sport, I have always had a fishing buddy close by. My older brother guides in Sweden and he taught me to fly fish at an early age and since then I spend any free time out on the water as it is what I love to do.

At the age of 16, I started at the Sportfishing Academy in Sweden, a school that educate guides and fish biologist. Like most of the students I studied half the year and worked as a guide in the north part of Sweden the other half . At the age of 18 I hade a chance to go on an expedition to Mongolia in the search of Taimen, the same year I went to Slovenia in a project to improve the Slovenian fishing tourism. After that I understood that I would like to work world wide, both to improve my own skill but also to broaden my views. Every day at the river I learn something, I think in one way everybody does and that gives me great satisfaction.

My favorite place in the world is Bella Vista in Tierra del Fuego. I really love double hand spey casting and fly fishing for the sea running brown trout. Alaska is also very close to my heart with all the bears and big fish. And in Europe I think Soca in Slovenia is a great place. I am a bit of a guide nomad these days going from river to river and living a season at the time, but I love it.

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