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Why Book Through Fly Fishing Heaven?

About us

The fly fishing heaven team

FlyFishingHeaven.com is a travel business for fly fishing enthusiasts and there friends and families. We receive wholesale pricing from our lodges and guides and pass those savings on to our clients. Yes we are small and yes we work harder.

Our Pledge

We promise to work for you, not a lodge, outfitter or resort. We pledge to get you you to a destination that will live up to your expectations at the best possible price. You will never be charged more than booking directly. In fact, with our loyalty program you will pay less when booking through us. We pledge to make sure you are well prepared for your trip with specific knowledge about the gear, the flies, the rods, packing lists, travel documents, connecting information… everything. Since we are not tied to a particular destination we promise honest pros and cons of every destination including tide advice, seasonal weather patterns and the different seasons of the fishing calendar. We will never put you on the best trout stream in the world at the wrong time of year!

We encourage you to explore all options and keep us in the loop as a partner, We are not aware of every special out there but most likely we beat the price and surpass the service. If you see something that looks like a good deal and we can’t get it for you, we will happily advise you to book it directly. Fly fishermen tend to travel often so losing one booking is a small price to pay for the chance to book your next trip. We learn more this way and you get the benefit of our decades of experience in the fishing travel business. By working together you will be assured of the best trip possible.

Why Book Through Fly Fishing Heaven?

1. Unbiased Advice:

Most people recognize the advantage of our unbiased advice, there are hundreds of destinations to choose from and our job is to know the ones that are right for your needs. We offer the real story you can't get from a lodge owner. Would the outfitter in questions tell you are booking in a less than stellar part of the year? Remember our unbiased advice is 100% free!

2. We Can Book Anywhere:

Our website highlights many of our favorite destinations but we have access to hundreds more. If there are fish there, we can book it. In fact, we will give you 5% back if you book a trip through us that is not on our website! We enjoy learning about new spots!

3. Loyalty Discounts:

2017 Special: You are automatically enrolled in our loyalty program before your first trip and will get the 5% cash back on your very first trip. This offer is good until December 31, 2017. In January you will ear your loyalty discount on the second trip and every trip thereafter. This discount applies to all your friends who are going with you as well. f you organize a group of 8 or more we will give you 10% off! All you have to do is book the first trip and you are a flyfishingheaven.com frequent fisher!

4. Price Guarantee:

If you find a price lower than ours we will beat that price by 5% if you book through flyfishingheaven.com!