Fly Selections that are hand tied in the US!

13 Mar


We are slowly re-introducing our US made fly selections and are ready to go with selections specifically for bonefish, permit and tarpon in Belize. What sets these flys apart is the quality, they are tied more fully when that pattern should be, they are tied with subtle color variations in the same pattern and they are tied well. Each pattern has been proven and refined over our years of experience. If you are tired of sparse African or Far East flies, then please check us out.

These patterns are very fishy. They move well in the water, there is nothing that shouldn’t be there and everything that should be there. They will last 3 times as long as the normal foreign made fly. Yes they are more expensive, but if you are throwing at a 100 pound hungry happy tarpon in the Florida Keys with me and the marabou tail falls off on that cast, I will make you to walk the plank! So right now we have Belize and we will be adding other destinations as we catch up. Feel free to comment on what destination you need a selection for and what flies you think should be in it.