Why fish the Caribbean in the summer and fall?

17 Sep

For those of us who love to fish for bonefish, tarpon and permit the summer and fall seasons offer some of the best fishing of the year combined with some great discounts in Mexico and Belize.  I guess people in the northern US save their warm water trips for the dead of winter making the less fishy times of January and February  some of the busiest times at most Caribbean destinations.

I regularly see discounts of 20-30% from June through November in Belize and Mexico  for this reason.  Is it hot? yes, but that is what we want for the best fishing. The truth is that the average high in Ascenscion Bay or Ambergris Caye  is only 5 degrees warmer on average  Is there a threat of Hurricanes?  yes, but the real odds of a hurricane hitting your destination is very slim.  For instance in Belize last year we had 2 days that were influenced by a hurricane!  Just as good a chance for a bad cold front in the winter that shuts down the fishing.  So all in all I recommend June through November for the best deals on the best fishing!

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